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Siberian Memories & Highlights

Toggle Navigation Drop Down Menu Our scrapbooks, photo albums, ribbons and trophies that were salvaged from our tragic house fire on September 06, 2001 bring to mind all the special friends we've had over the years - - -

There are many, many people who touched our lives . . . teaching, lending a helping hand, and guiding us through the world of breeding and showing dogs over a period of twenty years being involved with the wonderful and unique Siberian Husky.

There have been the many joyous times of winning as an Owner Handler, the love and happiness of each new litter, the wet kisses and that special puppy breath ! . . . and, there have been the disappointments of not winning, of losing a "special one" way too soon and the grief associated when the beloved old ones depart and the many frustrations that cause us all to say -- "I just can't do this any more" -- but, there we are at the next show with smiling faces and wagging tails !

Because we are no longer breeding and showing Siberian Huskies (due to our age and health restrictions) we will not detail our many years involved with the breed on this webpage. However, we will share with you our most exciting win and a few of our favorite pictures from over the years.

Our most exciting and outstanding win took place at the AKC CENTENNIAL SHOW in Philadelphia, PA on November 17th and 18th, 1984. So that we could say that " We were there ! ", we made plans to attend this historical " Once In A Lifetime " event . . . never in a thousand years thinking we had a chance of winning, since we were rather novice show people having never finished a dog to it's championship. We told ourselves it would be "SPECIAL" if we were lucky enough to just bring home a ribbon from this prestigious weekend of shows !

So, we entered our lovely, young Siberian Husky bitch named Innisfree's Sing'n A New Key ! Having already accumulated ten points in her short show career she needed five more points and a final major to become an AKC Champion.

At the show, Marilyn and "Newkey" entered the ring with a very large entry of 44 in the Open Bitch class under respected Judge Donald Booxbaum. With so many bitches to judge Marilyn became a bit nervous having made it to the "final cut". . . maybe, just maybe, we could come home with a placement ribbon ! Little did we realize it would be a First Place Blue Ribbon ! WOW ! How exciting !

The excitement continued when a really nervous Marilyn and "Newkey" were called back into the ring for the Winners Bitch competition ! . . . Sitting at ringside, with the well-known Siberian Husky Breeder Karla Tempest, Jim noticed that Judge Booxbaum kept shooting glances at "Newkey" and suddenly sitting on the edge of her seat, Karla said - " JIM ! He really likes Newkey ! He's going to give it to Newkey ! " Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing . . . nor seeing . . . as Donald Booxbaum pointed to Marilyn and Newkey for the coveted win of a lifetime ! ! WINNERS BITCH at the AKC CENTENNIAL SHOW . . . over a total entry of 72 bitches !

After the applause and congratulations were over, our excitement continued as we realized that we had actually finished our very first AKC Champion at the AKC Centennial ! Due to the large entry Newkey won a five point major thus finishing her Championship Title ! What an honor !

The next day we moved Newkey "up" to compete for the first time as an AKC Champion at the benched Philadelphia Kennel Club show. The Siberian Huskies were judged by AKC Judge John Honig . . . and Newkey continued her winning ways by being selected BEST OF BREED over the large Centennial Weekend entry !

Being on Cloud Nine while driving home to New York Marilyn and I noticed the many Pennsylvania license plates which stated: "You Have A Friend In PA" . . . and we couldn't help but smile and say: "Newkey truly did have two "new" FRIENDS . . . AKC Judges Donald Booxbaum and John Honig ! :)

The excitement of this weekend still has not been forgotten !

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